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The Format And Structure of Proposal For Action Research

An action research is one of the most important form of the qualitative research that shows a collaboration between the researchers and practitioners. The process of the action research consists of the four parts. First of all, there comes the planning. Secondly, there comes the acting. Thirdly, there comes the observing and at last, there comes the reflecting. To do an action research, you will have to do the planning, to identify the organizing information, to collect the possible research questions, to analyze the sharing reports, and to implement the results of the research. To write a proposal for an action research, you will have to follow a specific structure and format. If you don’t have any information about it, then you can get help from the academic paper writing services. Anyhow, the format and structure of an action research proposal is given below;
1) First of all, there comes the title of the action research proposal. The title of the action research should be descriptive. The benefit of descriptive title for the action research proposal is that it is interesting and intriguing for the audience.

2) To get the attraction of the readers towards action research proposal, you will have to write a project summary. This project summary should be approved from a major professor of your department.

3) Thirdly, you will have to write a state of the problem. In the statement of the problem, you will have to write down the academic as well as practical objectives for doing the research. These objectives should be intriguing for the audience. Its reason is that by reading these objectives, there is a possibility that you can get the approval for the action research.

4) Fourthly, there comes the theoretical background. With the help of that theoretical background, the readers will be able to get an idea whether you have taken a review of the existing literature or not. Therefore, you should be very careful while writing down such an important component of the action research proposal.

5) Fifthly, you should try to provide a complete detail about the research design that you will adopt while doing the action research.

6) Sixthly, there comes the analysis. In this analysis, you should try to convince the readers that these techniques are the best to conduct an in-depth research about that topic.

7) In the next, there comes the discussion section of your action research proposal. In this section, you should try to discuss the possible findings and results of the action research.

8) You should also try to write down the conclusion and justification of the action research. With the help of that particular section of the action research proposal, you should try to summarize your views by providing the answer to a question that how to accomplish the academic results of that action research.

9) You should also try to provide a list of the possible resources from where you are going to gather the data for your action research. These resources should be written in the form of references section.

10) At last, you should also try to provide a complete detail about the budget of the action research.

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