Delivering Smart And Sustainable Cities: Current Issues And Challenges

Nowadays, most of the people moved towards cities with the hope of finding the best job opportunities and by enjoying a higher standard of living. Due to the rapid migration of the people from villages to the cities has created a lot of problems for the people. The cities are facing a lot of problems due to the lack of resources like energy, sanitation, health, and education. By keeping in mind these kinds of problems in the cities, a program for smart and sustainable cities is developed. The main aim of this program is to meet the needs of the rapid growth in the cities. If you don’t have enough idea about the current issues and challenges that are faced by these smart and sustainable cities, then you can get help from academic writing services. These issues and challenges are explained below; 

1) Infrastructure

In order to improve the quality of the residents, we are using the sensor technology in these cities. These sensors gather all the data in these smart and sustainable cities like stats of the rush hours, crime rates, and the quality of the air. With the help of this data, it is easy for us to control the crime rates in these cities and to improve the overall quality of the air. Now, the problem is that there requires complicated infrastructure for the installation of these sensors. Moreover, this kind of infrastructure is costly too. Therefore, to implant, such a costly infrastructure is a real challenge in delivering smart and sustainable cities.

2) Security and hackers

As we have discussed earlier that the sensor technology is considered as the backbone of the smart and sustainable cities. This kind of technology can also create a lot of security problems. Its reason is that if they fail to provide smart technology, then there is a chance that the hackers can break into it and they can easily shut down the entire city. Due to the recent attacks of the cyber-terror, everyone is conscious about the threat level of security.

3) Privacy concerns

If we want to make a dream city, then it is an unavoidable thing for us to keep a balance between the quality of the life and the invasion of its privacy. It is the desire of almost all the people to enjoy such life that is more convenient and free rather than monitored life. Another major problem of a smart and sustainable city is that the cameras are installed in all the streets and these cameras monitor all the movements of the residents. The people face a lot of privacy concerns due to the installation of these cameras.

4) Educating and engaging the community

For the success of a smart and sustainable city, there require smart citizens who have enough sense to understand the advantages of new technology. They should also show their engagement towards this new technology. This is possible only if we educate the residents about the true use of this technology. For this reason, we will have to start town hall-style meetings and some other means of the campaign. No doubt, this is also a real challenge to us.

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