How to Use APA Style Referencing in Your Dissertation?

If you are going to cite a lot of resources while writing a dissertation of Social Sciences, then we use the APA (American Psychological Association) referencing style. APA referencing style is the best way to use the different elements like to select the different headings, to use the different abbreviations, to present the different statistics of the dissertation, to construct the different figures and tables, and to cite the different references of the dissertation. Some students are not able to write a dissertation by following an APA referencing style. Here, we will provide some important tips to use the APA referencing style in your dissertation.
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1) Paper margins

Before going to write a dissertation in the APA referencing style, the first step is to set the paper margin. The paper margin should be at 1 inch from the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the paper. This paper margin is not on a specific page. You should set it throughout the whole dissertation.

2) Font style

Some students become stylish while choosing the font style for their dissertation and the words written by using this stylish font style are difficult to read for the supervisor. This thing can last a bad impression on the mind of the supervisor and this thing can become the cause of low marks. Therefore, while writing a dissertation by using the APA citation style, it is necessary for you to use the Times New Roman citation style. The size of the words should be 12 pt.

3) Spacing

Different students use the different spacing between the words throughout the dissertation. Some students use the single spacing between the words and some students use the double spacing between the words. If you are going to use an APA referencing style for your dissertation and you have set the font style of Times New Roman along with 12 pt., then you should try to use the double spacing between all the words throughout the whole dissertation.

4) Cover page

The cover page is the first page of your dissertation. You should try to make it interesting for the audience. You should try to write your name, title of the dissertation, your supervisor name, your degree name, your department name, and date of submission. All of these things should be written with the help of running header. There should be double spacing between the words on the cover page.

5) Referencing

To provide a list of all the resources from where you have collected the data for your dissertation is the most crucial stage when you are going to write a dissertation by following the APA citation style. In APA citation style, this page is placed at the end of the dissertation. It is necessary for you to write these references on a separate paper by using a tab of references and style. With the help of this tab, you can add new resources and you can also edit these resources.

6) If you are going to write a new paragraph, then you should try to use the “Tab” in order to indent it. This tab is equal to the 5 to 7 spaces. All the heading of the dissertation should be kept in the center of the page.

These are the most important tips to write a dissertation by using the APA citation style. If you don’t have any idea to use the APA citation style, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services.

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