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Worst Writing Mistakes that you should avoid

Writing isn’t all too easy as simply typing in words. To write isn’t job made for everyone. Knowing how to make sentences using proper words and grammar can be a tough job. To make complex sentence extensive of grammar is required the correct use of verb, pronoun and special characters.

Run-on sentences are among the tip grammar mistakes made by writers from all over the world. A run-on sentence contains two or more independent clauses that are not properly connected with correct punctuation. Though there are different kinds of run-on sentence mistakes. Most writers neglect the use of comma before a coordinating conjunction. Each independent clause must be set apart from other independent clauses with punctuation. Punctuation marks that are ideal for marking complete sentences are periods (full-stops), semicolons and dashes.

Comma splices and run-on sentences go hand in hand. Almost all comma splices are run-on sentences. To splice means to connect or join. When, a writer joins two independent sentences with a comma instead of separating them with a period or a coordinating conjunction. The comma has its own jobs to do but connecting two independent sentences isn’t one of those. Periods having their own jobs shall never meet with commas unless it’s in the form of a semicolon.

Semicolons can also take the place of a coordinating conjunction. When you use the pronouns “her” or “him” readers need to know whom those pronouns refer to.  Pronoun without a clear antecedent is ambiguous. “Jessie had a card for Ellen but couldn’t deliver it he was in her way” Demonstrating an ambiguous pronoun. The reader is unsure who the second “he” is. Was Jessie in the way or was there another “he” involved? Now instead of putting “he” we use “Dan”. It will let the audience know that Dan was being a card-blocker to Ellen. Always be sure that your pronoun refers to a specific antecedent.

Most Common Mistakes among Students;

Irregular verb forms are one of the most common grammar mistakes. Even many native speakers of English use incorrect irregular verbs forms without realizing it while these mistakes are a part of English dialects all over the world. These non-standard forms carry a stigma that can significantly damage your credibility if used in formal settings. This kind of mistake can be found commonly in any native English speaker. It is important that the subject of the sentence aligns correctly with the verb conjugation in terms of number and gender.

Since English does not conjugate verbs to reflect the gender of the subject. You only need to pay close attention to the number of the subject whether it is singular or plural noun. “The struggles of a common man at this time are intense” Here the subject the struggle does not align with “is”. Struggles being plural the verb used should be “are” instead of “is”.  Irregular verb and compound subjects make subject-verb agreement somewhat tricky. Irregular verbs should be memorized but the compound subjects follow a simple rule. Essay Writing Services

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